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Hello , I am Ashutosh Krishna , a second year undergrad in Information Technology. This is my very first post on Medium. Any suggestion or recommendations is welcomed.

Now , let’s start with the topic. The other day , I was creating an account somewhere on the internet and I was struck with a thought that how many passwords would I remember. Isn’t there any way to save them and then retrieve it anytime ? Ah! There are Notes. But I wanted something interactive. Something that could talk to me…Something that could tell me …YEAH THIS IS YOUR PASSWORD FOR THIS SITE…

Well , I have no idea how to make a chatbot or even a simple password manager app. So I have just written a simple code for it without any kind of GUI. And hey..if you can help me in creating an app or chatbot for it..please contact me.

Code for KeePass

Now let me explain the code briefly. So first of all , the user is prompted for a password(invisible) to start the Keepass. The username and password is set in the code and it can be changed anytime. After this you will have five actions :
1. Add a password — for adding a password
2. Retrieve a password — for retrieving a saved password
3. Remove a password — for removing a saved password
4. Change a password — for changing a saved password
5. Exit — for, of course, exiting the program :P

Now, every change you make, whether it’s adding a password or removing it it anything , it would be changed in a text file that would be created with the name of the user once you try to add a password . Then onwards , everything would be changed in that file only.

So , that’s everything about my Keepass. Feel free to ask anything or suggest me anything. Thanks!

My Github Repository for more such small projects is given below :

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